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Student Assessment of their Learning Gains

Welcome to the SALG Website for Instructors!

** New Features and Improvements! **

  1. A new, wizard-style interface, makes it faster and easier than ever to set up an instrument from scratch.
  2. The questions have been reordered to put the learning objectives first and the pedagogy second. This change reflects the usual priority of these questions and greatly eases pre/post analysis. If you prefer the old order, you can reuse one of your old instruments, or choose the Old Order template from the list of user-created instruments.

Please send comments and suggestions to help@salgsite.org.

The SALG website is a free course-evaluation tool that allows college-level instructors to gather learning-focused feedback from students.

Anyone may register and use the site.

Once registered on the SALG site, you can:

  1. Create and use a SALG survey to measure students' learning gains in your course and their progress toward your course's learning goals.
  2. Create and use an optional baseline survey to discover students' starting point relative to course goals.